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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA

Low Impact Techniques Applied

The initial concept of the project was to include replacing the asphalt parking lot with pervious concrete, pervious asphalt and one porous paver type, installing a bioretention cell, amending the soil and planting native vegetation.

Through the design of the project, the scope of the project was expanded to include four types of porous pavers, a new shed with a vegetative roof and collection of roof runoff for use as part of a new irrigation system.

In addition, the City of Bremerton has installed pervious concrete sidewalks around the Showcase site as part of their Auto Center Way road widening project.

Low Impact Techniques Applied

6 types of pervious pavement/permeable pavers
Amended Soils
Rainwater Harvesting
New Shed with Vegetated Roof
Replant site with Native, Drought Resistant Vegetation

Description of each Low Impact Development Technique may be found under the Resources of the main page

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