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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA

Planning & Engineering

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Landscape Architect Jim Gerlach and Dr. Chris May assisted with the initial concept site designs. These concepts were discussed and recommendations provided by the Leadership Team of the Section 319 grant process, KHBF Secretary Art Castle, Mike Brown the Project Site Development Manager and by the Home Builders Association Board of Directors.

A variety of ideas were explored in developing the site design including closing the Auto Center Way entrance, a variety of configurations of location of bioretention cells and rain garden planters, replacing the existing shed and the types and locations of pervious paving to be used.

A Landscape Committee consisting of Jim Gerlach, Landscape Architect; Peg Tillery, WSU Cooperative Extension; Jim Trainer, Kitsap Treez; and Lisa Phipps, JL Scott Real Estate, Silverdale. The committee provided recommendations for the types and quantities of native plants and trees to be used, where to acquire and place the plants and have been instrumental in the planning of the project. In 2007, Ben Cooper of Ben Cooper Landscape Construction, Inc. joined the committee and provided detailed planning of the soil amendment, assistance in acquiring the plants and will be responsible for the new irrigation system and site preparation for planting after the final grade is complete.

In addition, the City of Bremerton has installed pervious concrete sidewalks around the Showcase site as part of their Auto Center Way road widening project.

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Engineering andConsulting

Al Todd of MAP, Ltd has provided the guidance, survey and engineering for the project.

The site was surveyed so that the existing elevation could be determined as part of the site engineering process. Shawn Williams of Alkai Consulting, LLC provided soil analysis for the project. The City of Bremerton Public Works Department provided engineering drawings for the Auto Center Way widening project to assist us in matching our site engineering to the city's plans. Mark Eisses of MAP, Ltd. developed the preliminary and amended site engineering drawings.

Landscape Architect Jim Gerlach coordinated with the engineers through various concepts of the site design and has provided the vegetation plan, draft grading plan, plant list, and detailed drawings of several of the site features.

David Grellier of Atelier Northwest, Inc. has provided the architectural drawings for the new shed and details for permitting.

Mike Brown of FPH Construction, Inc. has been instrumental from the beginning of the project in identifying steps necessary to assist in the concept planning, construction planning and in supervising the site redevelopment.
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