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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA

Construction Schedule

Activity Date or Dates Planned Status
Ground Breaking Ceremony Tuesday, May 1st Completed
Site Excavation May 15th - May 16th Completed
Rough Grade May 16th - 18th Completed
Back Fill Aggregate for Base Course May 16th - May 18th Completed
Shed Foundation Set May 15th Completed 
Shed Foundation Poured May 19th Completed 
Shed Construction May 21st - June 6th On-Going
Bioretention Cell Excavated May 15th  Completed
Bioretention Cell - Aggregate, Fabric, Top Soil  May 16th, June 2nd Competed
Bioretention Cell - Remainder of Top Soil  May 21st - 28th, June 2nd  Completed
Rainwater Harvesting Tank - Placing May 17th  Completed
Final Grade  May 21st - 22rd Completed
Pervious Concrete Prep May 24th Completed
Pervious Concrete Installation & Finishing May 25th Completed
Porous Paver Installation June 4th - 6th  Completed
Pervious Asphalt Installation June 4th - 6th  Completed
Landscape Prep (Topsoil, Irrigation, Mulch) May 29th - June 8th Completed
Planting June 9th, 10th  Completed
Extruded Curb Installation June 7th  Completed
Parking Stripe Painting June 7th  Completed

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