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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA
Photographs During Construction

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Grubbing, Site Excavation, Aggregate and Rough Grade   May 15th through May 18th
New Shed Foundation   May 16th through May 19th
Bioretention Cell - Excavaion and Fill   May 16th
Pervious Concrete Sidewalks (City of Bremerton)   May 18th
Rainwater Harvesting Containter   May 17th & 18th
Final Grade of Parking Lot    May 21st, 22nd
Pervious Concrete Prep   May 24th
Pervious Concrete Pour & Finish    May 25th
Porous Paver Prep, Installation and Finishing    June 4th
New Shed Slab   June 2nd
New Shed Construction    June 2nd - June 10th
Pervious Asphalt Installation    June 5th
Amending Soils   June 2nd - June 8th
Landscaping - Prep, Dirp Irrigation, Planting and Mulch    June 2nd - June 10th

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