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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA

Project Background

The Kitsap Home Builders Foundation as part of it's EPA Section 319 Clean Water Act grant, managed by the Department of Ecology realized that actual installation of Low Impact Development Techniques would provide the industry, community and public official the opportunity to learn how the techniques are installed, encourage industry professionals and public officials to better understand the techniques and to provide a high profile location to Showcase many of the Low Impact Development techniques.

The foundation received an Public Involvement & Education grant from the Puget Sound Action Team to retrofit the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County's office site into a Low Impact Development Showcase.

In addition to the grant funds, many industry professionals and construction related firms and the Home Builders Association are providing substantial in-kind support for the project. In additon, the City of Bremerton has partnered in the grant.

The Leadership Team of the Section 319 grant process have been involved in reviewing the early site design and integration of techniques.

In addition to the Showcase project, the grant provides for public and industry education, web pages for program progress, informational handouts and video and a photographic record of the project.

The grant was awarded during 2006 and the project completion will be June, 2007.

Letters of support for the grant application were received from

Home Buildes Association of Kitsap County
Phil Williams, City of Bremerton Public Works Director
Mayor Kathryn Quade, City of Poulsbo
Mayor Kim Abel, City of Port Orchard
Kitsap County Board of County Commissioners Jan Angel, Chris Endresen and Patty Lent
Dr. Chris May
FPH Construction, Inc.
Fred Hill Materials
Kitsap Ready Mix
Jim Gerlach, Landscape Architect
Kitsap County Association of Realtors
Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning
MAP, Ltd.
Ron Perkerewicz Inspection & Permit Services
Westsound Home & Garden Magazine
Kitsap Credit Union
Yee Construction
Cedar Bay Homes
Cook Construction
Fairbank Constrution Company
Bushnell Homes
Arborview Construction
Jim Trainer, Treez, Inc.
Better Than Average Builders, Inc.

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