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Low Impact Development Showcase Project
Kitsap Home Builders Foundation * 5251 Auto Center Way * Bremerton * WA

 We'd Like to Thank Those Who Have Helped Make This Project Possible
Kitsap Sun Thank You Ad
Ace Paving, Bruce Christopherson
Recycling Asphalt, Aggregate Base & Top Courses, Final Grading, Pervious Asphalt & Installation
Alkai Consulting, Shawn Williams
Soils Analysis
Art Anderson & Associates, Jim Levey
Shed Structural Engineering
Atelier Northwest, David Grellier
Shed Design & Plans
Bankrock, AJ Hill

Aggregate & Shooter Truck
Ben Cooper Landscape Construction, Ben Cooper
Landscape Planning & Supervision, Soil Amendment, Irrigation System Design
City of Bremerton Public Works, Phil Williams & Michael Mecham
Pervious Concrete City Sidewalks
City of Bremerton & BKAT, Mayor Cary Bozeman

Video Services
Fairbank Construction, Greg Livdahl
Shed Floor & Finishing
FPH Construction, Mike Brown
Construction Planning, Project Management & Supervision
Fred Hill Materials, Ted Bowman
Pervious Concrete
Grant Steel Buildings & Concrete Systems, Mark Grant
Pervious Concrete Installation
Greens Irrigation & Landscape, Greg Green
Porous Paver Installation
Hanson Sign Company, Randy Hanson
Interpretive Signage
Hard Rock, Darryl Lindsley
Shed Foundation & Floor Concrete
H.D. Fowler, David Tubberville
Construction & Landscape Materials
Hedahl Landscape, Deck & Patio, Richard Hedahl
Porous Paver & Ideal Turf Installation
JAFA Enterprises, Dale Armstrong
Shed Construction
JB Concrete Construction, Jon Brenton
Shed Foundation
J.L. Scott Real Estate, Lisa Phipps
Vegetation Committee & Planting
Kitsap County Juvenile Dept., Dan Larson
Youth Workcrew for Planting
Kitsap Sun, Deb Smith
Thank You Advertising Support
Kitsap Trees, Jim Trainer
Vegetation Committee, Vegetation Planning
Liberty Bay Foundation
Vegetation Planting & Planting Preparation
Map, Ltd., Al Todd & Mark Eisses
Survey, Site & Project Engineering
Mutual Materials, Ron Willis
Porous Pavers & Coordinating Installation
Master Gardeners, WSU Extension, Peg Tillery
Vegetation Committee, Vegetation Planning, Volunteers for Vegetation Planting
Olive Branch Landscape, Pat Knight
Porous Paver Installation
Olympic Wiring, Bill Carter
Shed Electrical
Port Orchard Sand & Gravel, Dean Moergeli
Recycling Grubbing, Soil & Concrete, Aggregate, Dump Trucks, & Material Transport
Parker Lumber, Tim Lundberg
Shed Lumber
Peninsula Topsoil, Steve Johnson
Topsoil , Materials, & Mulch
Progressive Landscapes, Fred Musiak
Irrigation System Installation
Ron Hemley Septic Installation, Daryl Hemley
Site Grubbing, Excavation, & Rough Grade
Star Rentals
Sun Path Custom Construction, Walter Galitzki
Pergola Design & Construction
The Cedar Farm, Jack Donaldson
Pergola Cedar Materials
Vashon Studio Landscape Architect, James Gerlach
Site Design, Planning & Vegetation Plan
Washington Association of Landscape Design
Vegetation Planting
Zimmer Construction, Carl Zimmer
Dump Truck & Material Transport
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